Business Card Case / Holder - Wood

  • $17.95

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Maple or rosewood business card case. This gives you the 2 in 1 option. You can display your cards in on your desk or fold it up and take it with you when you travel.

Color Maple, Rosewood

maple (open) 2.25", (closed) 2-5/8"

rosewood (open) 2.25", (closed) 5-5/8"


maple (open) 4.25", (closed) 4.25"

rosewood (open) 3-7/8", (closed) 3-7/8"


maple (open) 2-5/8", (closed) 0.5"

rosewood (open) 2-7/8", (closed) 5/8"

Personalization Options words, clipart, logos
Material Maple, Rosewood

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